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A face cleansing mask is something that every woman should have.
High efficiency, no sensitization, fast action.



sale BLACK MASK Black Mask is a cleansing mask that will be perfect for any type of skin, from extremely dry to oily, with numerous open pores and blackheads.
The unique composition of the preparation acts neutrally on the body, therefore it is considered highly hypoallergenic.
Before using it, however, it is worth checking if you are allergic to one of its ingredients and active substances.
The Black Mask mask is applied to the face very simply.
All you need to do is clean the complexion first, rinsing it with warm water and drying it well.
Then a warm towel is put on the face to expand the skin pores by thermal energy; only then should you rub a small amount of the preparation, carefully avoiding the sensitive tissues of the mouth, eyes and eyelashes and eyebrows.
The mask is left on the face no more than a quarter of an hour, then carefully removed from the skin after it has dried and slightly hardened.
Such treatment should be repeated once every two days or more often if the skin requires specialist care.
The result is a cleansed, lightened face, delicate, soft and smooth skin, as well as properly nourished and moisturized epithelial cells, which gain new energy to prevent the appearance of subsequent discolorations, calluses, blackheads and blackheads.
The Black Mask cleansing face mask is an excellent proposition for women who do not have time for long and complicated care treatments, but want their face to look fresh, healthy and most importantly - young.

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Peel-off face masks are a popular cosmetic and dermatological product, thanks to which it is easier to keep the face clean and take care of its proper care.
As a beautician with many years of experience, I recommend to my clients Black Mask - a new product with a wide range of activities, which I tested myself and which I recommend without remorse.
It is a cleansing mask that allows you to get rid of blackheads and skin discoloration, working instantly after the first application.
The best results according to the test results are obtained after about 3-4 weeks of use, and in order to maintain them as long as possible, the treatment should be continued.
Black Mask is a mask with a comprehensive range of impact on skin cells.
From a cosmetic point of view, it allows you to care for its firmness and elasticity, removes unsightly blackheads and unpleasant blackheads, helps to maintain the natural purity and freshness of the skin.
From a dermatological point of view, it moisturizes the skin, nourishes its deepest layers, making the skin cells more resistant to the passage of time, and the skin itself is aging more slowly.
The great advantage of the Black Mask cleansing face mask is the high content of collagen responsible for nourishing and skin care and filling cavities in it.
Regular use of this preparation cleanses it of impurities, and further removes from the top layer dead skin cells and any calluses.
He also takes an active and very wide participation in regulating the work of skin sebaceous glands, which also translates into control and regulation of sebum.
During clinical trials, cases of skin lightening have been reported, especially in the case of a darker complexion with a higher melatonin content.
Based on my years of experience as a beautician, I can recommend Black Mask to all women who want to look beautiful and young on the face.


Justina 21 age Colorado Springs

Justina opinion about BLACK MASK

Blackheads were my big nightmare. Fortunately, I got rid of them thanks to Black Mask.

Madeline 33 age Louisville

Madeline opinion about BLACK MASK

Discolorations, blackheads, calloused epidermis? I forgot what it is thanks to Black Mask, the best cleansing preparation.

Kate 48 age Santa Ana

Kate opinion about BLACK MASK

I got a daughter's facial mask from Black Mask. We both use it for several months, and the skin is free of any comedones.

Agnes 39 age Phoenix

Agnes opinion about BLACK MASK

It works quickly and cleans the face very thoroughly. Since I use it, I do not even consider other face masks.


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